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Corporate Drum Magic defined

Benefits of Corporate Drumming:

  • Improve Employee Morale

  • Enhance Communication

  • Effective Stress Relief

  • Positive Team Building

  • Enjoyable Ice Breakers

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Employee Absences

  • Build Self-esteem

Jana Broder - Drum Magic, LLC

Jana Broder

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Client Testimonial:

"...on behalf of the Intermex management team, we send our sincerest of gratitude for hosting our drumming event. It was truly a magical experience. Everyone had a wonderful time and raved about the session....Thank you and I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Best Regards,
Maylen Santana, M.S.
Director of Human Resources
Intermex Wire Transfer, LLC.

Drumming Reduces Stress

Drumming Reduces Stress

"Corporate employees participating in a drumming research study reported a 20.7% reduction in stress. Medical scientists have shown that drumming alleviates the body’s response to stress and increases the disease fighting activity of circulating white blood cells called Natural Killer Cells." -
Alternative Therapies, Vol. 7, No. 1

Drumming for Stress Relief

How is Your Team Rhythm?

"For business to function most effectively, all of its working parts – departments, teams/workgroups, management and employees – need to be in synch.

The reality for many companies, however, is a very different story. Increasing work demands, diversity of behavioural types and working styles, and a general sense of disconnection between–and even within–functional areas of the organization have left many companies asking what can be done to bring back corporate harmony and have everyone resonating on the same frequency."

"...current cutting-edge research has shown a remarkable impact of group drumming on our physical well-being. Employees are more content and satisfied on a day-to-day basis, which in turn shows up in a reduction in stress leave as well as higher awareness and decreased levels of work-related depression." -

Corporate Training Magazine -
Connecting Teams and Organizations Through Corporate Drumming Vol 2 Issue 1- Jan 2006

Team Building Corporate Druim Circle

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Opening a conference with a drum circle

Corporate Drum Circles for Team Building and Ice Breakers

When your team works together, profits increase. That's the bottom line!

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4 Step Corporate Drum Magic "Business Rhythm Branding" Process

Business Rhythm Branding is a communication tool for ensuring an important company message is broadcast to a receptive audience during a powerfully positive and unforgettable experience.

Drumming a beat in a professionally facilitated drum circle with others who are all sharing the experience with a specific corporate message creates hard-wired physiological connections between the brain, body, and mind of the individual participants along with the drum circle group as a unified whole.

The highly trained and experienced drum circle facilitators of Corporate Drum Magic lead the drum circle with precision and skill being aware of the various states of openness the group demonstrates for receiving and assimilating messages.

As the Business Rhythm Branding process unfolds during the drumming event, each of the 4 Steps accomplishes its specific goal with the group.

The rhythm of drums helped soldiers win battles during the American Revolutionary War over 400 years ago and will help your corporate team succeed in today's very competitive market. What could be better for strengthening your team than an exciting, exhilarating and totally fun company drum circle event with a well defined purpose?

Team Building Drum Circle in a Corporate Setting

The 4 Steps - B.E.A.T.

Step 1 - Breaking the Ice

Step 1 - Breaking the Ice

Your team joins the drum circle as a group of individuals, each with their own unique concerns, fears, worries, and stress from their lives. A certain amount of tension and nervousness fill the air as some participants wonder if they will be able to drum properly or perhaps they think they will look clumsy or silly to others. This is normal and is a valuable part of the experience. Step 1 is an "initiation" of sorts where it is important to break down the social barriers that so many people build over time.

Once the professional drum circle facilitator begins leading the group with a basic heart beat rhythm, tension releases and nervousness gives way to smiles and quick glances to others in the drum circle. Some participants will breath a sigh of relief and most will take deep breaths. The healthy benefits of drumming begin with the first beat.

Step 2 - Ego Dissolution

Step 2 - Ego Dissolution

As the rhythm progresses and everybody listens to the steady beat, a community is created within the drum circle where experiences are shared as a single group. The unique thoughts of the individual participants prior to the drumming dissolve.

The drum circle facilitator eases the individuals into a subtle yet profound rhythmic state-of-mind where the beat of the drums begins to unite everybody into a unified team working together on a common goal - to carry the rhythm onward beat by beat.

Step 3 - Assimilation of the Idea

Step 3 - Assimilation of the Idea

It is during this step that the highly skilled drum circle facilitator weaves a positive company message into the rhythms. The special bond felt and shared by the newly created community within the drum circle opens up the mind to receive healthy business ideas and concepts.

The drum circle experience is powerful and fun allowing a deep connection to be made between the positively invigorating physical and auditory sensations of the drumming with the important psychological meaning and purpose of the corporate message being delivered.

Step 4 - Transformation of Experience

Step 4 - Transformation of Experience

The magic of the "Business Rhythm Branding" process culminates as the drum circle energy reaches higher levels of excitement and joy. The stress and concerns of the individuals as they entered the drum circle give way to fresh new positive thoughts about themselves, each other, and the company they work for.

Some participants will rise up and dance as others laugh and drum along with the incredible rhythm they all play a part in. This final peak experience transforms the positive corporate drum circle experience into beneficial health and work related changes with lasting results.

No person is left out, everybody shares the B.E.A.T.

Imagine an event at your workplace
where everybody is beating a drum to a single rhythm.

When was the last time your team had such an effective rhythm?

When was the last time your team had such an effective rhythm?


How long has it been since they all functioned as a single unit?


Now look around the room while the beat goes on...

Have you ever seen so many smiles among your co-workers

Group Drumming Emphasizes Support and Personal/Group Expression

"The use of rhythm-based events in a variety of government, healthcare, community and corporate settings, meetings, and retreats is expandin. Weekly employee drum circles are now being held by leading Fortune 500 companies who are firmly committed to team-building and employee satisfaction. The utilization of rhythm-based protocols in these settings has resulted in a substantial reduction of personal barriers that impede optimal communications, creativity, and team-building..."

"A Pennsylvania corporation saved $89,100 in costs associated with training new hires by using drumming to improve morale..."

"Group drumming has been demonstrated to be easily learned in a non-pressured manner. Based upon techniques that build upon entrainment, modulation, call and response, and self-expression, rhythm-based sessions expand opportunities for expressing and dealing with the pressures and stresses of daily living. The defining philosophy of a successful group-drumming intervention emphasizes support and personal/group expression, rather than mastery." - Advances in Mind Body Medicine - Fall/Winter 2003 Vol. 19 No. 3/4



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