A Rhythm Based Formula

for Strong Business Health

Benefits of Corporate Drumming:

  • Improve Employee Morale

  • Enhance Communication

  • Effective Stress Relief

  • Positive Team Building

  • Enjoyable Ice Breakers

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Employee Absences

  • Build Self-esteem

Opening a conference with a drum circle

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Corporate Drum Circles as Conference Openers

Start your small or large conference, regional or national meeting, or open public event with a Corporate Drum Magic facilitated drum circle to bring everybody into one group rhythm.

Conference Opener Drum Circle

From the beginning you will create connections between participants which will last throughout your event. Eliminate tension and stress before you or your speakers deliver their messages.

Corporate Drum Circles as Conference Openers

Whether for training, sales, public relations, or just plain fun, having your group of attendees beating their hands on a drum in a synchronized rhythm with others will leave them stimulated.

Corporate Drumming for Success

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