A Rhythm Based Formula

for Strong Business Health

Drumming for Business Health

Benefits of Corporate Drumming:

  • Improve Employee Morale

  • Enhance Communication

  • Effective Stress Relief

  • Positive Team Building

  • Enjoyable Ice Breakers

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce Employee Absences

  • Build Self-esteem

Team Building Drum Circles

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Client Testimonial:

"...on behalf of the Intermex management team, we send our sincerest of gratitude for hosting our drumming event. It was truly a magical experience. Everyone had a wonderful time and raved about the session....Thank you and I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

Best Regards,
Maylen Santana, M.S.
Director of Human Resources
Intermex Wire Transfer, LLC.


Corporate Drum Circles for Business - Corporate Drum Magic

Day to day stress builds up in the workplace and productivity decreases.

Employee absence and tardiness, lack of effective communication, office gossip, and other corporate illnesses all increase with stress levels. Drumming in the corporate environment is shown to reduce stress, improve company morale, create better bonding and enhance cooperation between workers, improve communication, and increase productivity. In the weeks following a corporate drum circle, research has shown that worker absences and tardiness decrease substantially.

Corporate Drum Circle in a Corporate Setting

Corporate Drumming is an important tool for maintaining a successful corporate team environment to reduce stress and build team relationships.

Corporate Drum Magic has provided hundreds of effective corporate drum circle events for small and large businesses throughout Florida and the southeast United States, including Atlanta, Georgia. Increase your profits while improving the health and attitudes of your team by scheduling a corporate drum circle event today!

Corporate Drum Circles as Team Building Activities

Drumming for Team Building  

A corporate drum circle is a team activity where each person contributes their own piece of the music and no one feels left out. Everybody plays together as one group, a team, your team.

Corporate Drum Magic brings your team together in a fun and exciting way. Smiles and laughter will be shared among all participants, a strong feeling of kinship will be experienced.

Corporate Drum Circles as Ice Breaker Activities

Team Building Drumming in a corporate Setting  

Employee Orientation and other situations where groups of people come together for the first time may create a tension or nervousness among the attendees.

In the corporate environment, it is beneficial to use Ice Breakers to bring everyone together as early as possible.

Corporate Drum Magic has proven success in facilitating drum circles among large groups of people who develop a bond with each other while drumming a simple unified rhythm.

Corporate Drum Circles as Conference Openers

Team Building Drumming in a corporate Setting  

Start your small or large conference, regional or national meeting, or open public event with a Corporate Drum Magic facilitated drum circle to bring everybody into one group rhythm. From the beginning you will create connections between participants which will last throughout your event. Eliminate tension and stress before you or your speakers deliver their messages.

Whether for training, sales, public relations, or just plain fun, having your group of attendees beating their hands on a drum in a synchronized rhythm with others will leave them stimulated.

Group Drumming Emphasizes Support and Personal/Group Expression

"The use of rhythm-based events in a variety of government, healthcare, community and corporate settings, meetings, and retreats is expandin. Weekly employee drum circles are now being held by leading Fortune 500 companies who are firmly committed to team-building and employee satisfaction. The utilization of rhythm-based protocols in these settings has resulted in a substantial reduction of personal barriers that impede optimal communications, creativity, and team-building..."

"A Pennsylvania corporation saved $89,100 in costs associated with training new hires by using drumming to improve morale..."

"Group drumming has been demonstrated to be easily learned in a non-pressured manner. Based upon techniques that build upon entrainment, modulation, call and response, and self-expression, rhythm-based sessions expand opportunities for expressing and dealing with the pressures and stresses of daily living. The defining philosophy of a successful group-drumming intervention emphasizes support and personal/group expression, rather than mastery." - Advances in Mind Body Medicine - Fall/Winter 2003 Vol. 19 No. 3/4

Corporate Drumming for Success

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